Written & Directed by Doug Smart


   Nathanael Taylor

   Lucy Shea

   Victoria Barnes

   Allison Acuff

   Zack Brewer

Friends Like You Ep. 606

"Ain't She Sweet"

Friends Like You is an Emmy Award winning original sit com written and directed by Doug Smart (associate director 'Golden Girls,' 'Empty Nest')

Stolen Hearts

Written & Directed by Will McBride


   Rebeca Robles

   Nathanael Taylor

   Matt Winters

Two Pick Pockets fall in love and bond over their mutual passion for thievery.  Love can bring people together against all odds.



Thanatophobia - Trailer

Written & Directed by Peter Dimako


   Stu Klitsner 

   Afton Shepard

   Herschel Zahnd

   Eric Welch

   Nathanael Taylor

   Chase Anderson

   Mike Seely

   Katie Steward

   Lilly Stanley

   Sarah East


Ernie Cranshaw has lived a life haunted with the demons of his past. Each day is a fight to find something worth living for.


Thanatophobia is expected to premiere at film festivals early 2016.

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